Want to Love the Skin You’re in?

marina buksov

They say beauty is only skin deep, but I disagree.


I believe beauty is an outward expression of inner health.


Although it is certainly in the eye of the beholder, and many cultures and different eras had different standards of beauty, the underlying thread of beauty is related to the inner state of the individual.


Beauty is an evolutionary adaptation that has allowed humans to breed more advantageously. 


(This has to do with our cell signaling, and recognizing potential compatible mates through our hormones and immune system. Of course, all of this is disrupted through perfumery, oral contraceptives, and other toxins!)


When someone displays traits that are useful for the propagation and survival of the species, these traits appear attractive to us on an instinctual level.


But the current pressures of beauty standards are unrealistic and unhealthy.


Between –


-celebrities, social media icons, 


     -photoshop + filters, 


          -head to toe makeup, 


                -extensions of all kinds, injections, implants, 


                           -weight loss + plastic surgery industries… 


…it’s downright impossible to keep up appearances!


I believe that accentuating our natural beauty is absolutely great – by dressing for our shape, and keeping our body healthy and glowing with healthy nutrition and movement.


However, extreme lengths that people go to is indicative of unhealthy obsessions.


In fact, it breeds competition, jealousy, body dysmorphia, and psychological and physical conditions such as anorexia, orthorexia, bulimia, multiple plastic surgeries, etc….


So how do we begin to feel good in the skin we’re in?


I’m not proposing WAR on the beauty industry.


(There’s enough fighting going on in this world already…)


How about showing ourselves some love and grace?


What about building up our bodies and self-image, and pumping up our mood with some movement and endorphins?

What about choosing nutritious food to nourish our beautiful bodies?


What’s ONE thing that makes you feel beautiful?


Focus on the qualities in yourself that you admire.


Multiply that love, and let it shine inside-out.


Share your favorite beauty ritual in the comments <3


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