Day 100/365 – On Fire Element



Yesterday was truly magical and transformative. We began our morning eating a very light breakfast and preparing for ceremony. Fire is the element of change, sparking new ideas, and transformation. We prepared the sweat lodge by draping blankets over the beautifully bent hibiscus trees forming the main structure. We made prayer ties, got smudged, and said blessings before entering, and proceeded with the 4-door Lakota traditional ceremony. We came out of there hot, sweaty, dirty, humbled…but glowing and filled with a special energy. What a truly unforgettable experience, one I will cherish forever. Special thanks to Mary Mullein, who led the ceremony, Jarusha and Michael for helping, Tiffany for helping cleanse, Vanessa for providing medicine (copal), and everyone who helped facilitate and shared their songs.

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