Jill Bates

This course helped me recognize that my goals were not realistic and learned how to adjust them to my season of life. I gained confidence in alternative therapies and legal aspects of incorporating pharmacy practice in coaching which is more enjoyable for me.

Danielle Nelson

This course was extremely thorough in helping me increase my herbal knowledge as well as give structure for establishing an herbalism practice. Having weekly group meetings to learn about herbs and be a part of case studies is a key component to helping us feel comfortable doing these things on our own. Marina is extremely helpful with feedback and guidance throughout the entire course.

Heather Hardin

Marina’s program is chock full of information about the appropriate use of herbs, how to create your own formulations, and how to build out your herbal business. She also thrives on building an herbal community of learners, so that you have opportunities to learn from each other and also share what you are learning as well.

Julie Johnson McKee

This course helped me gain a broader knowledge of holistic approaches, and I loved going back to the basics or what our medicine originates from. I learned a lot about starting a business and will be implementing it step by step.

Classic Fire Cider

Fire Cider Recipe

Fire cider is quite potent and has a strong flavor. You can dilute it with water or add it to dressings and marinades if you find it too intense to consume on its own.

How Pharmaceuticals Influenced the Marginalization of Herbalism and Alternative Medicines in Healthcare

The history of pharmacy and herbalism initially shared common roots, with plants being used as medicinal remedies. However, as pharmaceutical companies emerged and gained influence, herbalism and alternative medicines were systematically marginalized. This shift can be attributed to the growing power of pharmaceutical companies, which have been known to sit in on medical education boards […]

Shared Roots of Pharmacy & Herbalism

Did you ever stop to wonder how herbalism and pharmacy are connected? Perhaps your current outlook is that the two are anything but related, but actually herbalism is the direct precursor to modern pharmacy practice. Pharmacy is more like a refined and reduced form of its herbal counterpart (think white flour vs whole wheat). The […]