How Pharmaceuticals Influenced the Marginalization of Herbalism and Alternative Medicines in Healthcare

The history of pharmacy and herbalism initially shared common roots, with plants being used as medicinal remedies. However, as pharmaceutical companies emerged and gained influence, herbalism and alternative medicines were systematically marginalized. This shift can be attributed to the growing power of pharmaceutical companies, which have been known to sit in on medical education boards […]

Shared Roots of Pharmacy & Herbalism

Did you ever stop to wonder how herbalism and pharmacy are connected? Perhaps your current outlook is that the two are anything but related, but actually herbalism is the direct precursor to modern pharmacy practice. Pharmacy is more like a refined and reduced form of its herbal counterpart (think white flour vs whole wheat). The […]

Sarah Shore Anderson

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Marina helped me reflect on and focus my social media presence – which allowed me to attract 3 clients within minutes of announcing the launch of my business on social media channels. I have been able to confidently suggest herbal products to my clients based on their needs as a result of the clinical pearls I learned.

A Dose of Healthy Herbal Coffee to Decrease Caffeine Dependency

chicory coffee

I meet so many people that “run” on coffee, and I happen to know a lot of herbalists indulge in this caffeine-laden herbal bean (it’s technically a seed though). But although I honestly love the taste of the velvety goodness myself, the stimulating effects of the caffeine can be an undesirable side effect and make […]

Healthy Herbal Coffee

Dandelion coffee herbal brew

Traditionally, this beverage is usually consumed right away, but you can ferment it for a few more days to get a higher level of alcohol (you may even choose to add beer to it!).

From Farm to Fork: How Agriculture Changed Our Diets and Our Health for Generations to Come

Although agriculture has solved the problem of having to constantly migrate on the search of food, current modern industrial farming practices (and flawed dietary theories) are depleting our food from essential nutrients, all the while contributing to obesity, cellular toxicity and metabolic dysfunction.   Curious about the declining oral and general health, chronic disease and […]

Reid Gliddon

I created a worksite/grow area in our house in which to compound remedies, and stayed on task to complete the business and technical steps!