DIY Insect Repellent

This recipe is for 2 oz bottle (preferably glass)


2 options

1. Distilled water (can dry skin!) – always shake bottle before application, may add a bit of alcohol to help mix; great to spray on top of clothes


2. Carrier oil – olive, grapeseed, etc. – make sure to slather directly on skin

*Optional: may also add some drops of garlic flower essence or strong astragalus tea to the water preparation for extra protection

Essential Oils: [5% dilution = 60 EO drops total → may double recipe for 10% dilution]

  • Catnip (most effective for ticks, proven more effective than the chemical DEET!) [3 gtt]
  • Eucalyptus globulus (blue-gum) or lemon eucalyptus [15 gtt]
  • Palmarosa (lemongrass/citronella fam) [18 gtt]
  • Patchouli (used in India to ship rugs) [15 gtt]
  • Rose geranium [9 gtt]

*gtt = drops

**Since the active ingredients are volatile, it’s imprtant to reapply every few hours for maximum effect.


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