Lessons Books Can’t Teach: Pura Vida

Hola, I’m back from my first-ever LIVE retreat in Costa Rica!


There are a lot of things I miss already:


-the beautiful place I got to call home for a short while: an intentional living space built on the premises of sacred geometry


-fresh deliciously cooked, perfectly seasoned meals inspired by “Tico” tradition with an Ayurvedic twist (best part: I didn’t have do any of the cooking ;))


-waking up with the sunlight streaming through the gorgeous windows (waking at dawn has never been easier)


-the breathtaking view of our pool framed by a well-kept organic and ornamental garden, and the ocean and sky in the distance


-catching the sunset at dinner time each day overlooking the view above


-spending the day with like-minded souls who came together to co-create a truly transformative and life-altering event


-the abundance of wildlife and nature in every square inch of a sacred land


-the lack of pressure and “rush” to “do more” (but never be satisfied with what you have)



It’s taken me some time to just sit and reflect on this truly transformative experience of a lifetime.


And it’s true what they say: you need another vacation after vacation.


(Even though it was far from a vacation for me in my role as a facilitator and guide…)


I had to mourn the ending of the experience now that I’m back to “normal life.”


I also had to integrate some powerful shifts and lessons learned.


As a teacher, a leader, a friend, a partner, a parent, a business owner, and a human being.


I’ve learned more in diving into this experience (with little more than blind faith), than I could ever have learned in a book, or even from another person’s perspective.


I guess some people need to learn some stuff the “hard” way… 😉




I learned about success, motivation, fear, faith, logic, wisdom, vision, money, energy, and manifesting.


I choose to take the wins with the losses…for it is always darkest before dawn.


It is in the dark, moist womb that a seed is nourished until it sprouts.


And even though it’s far from perfect, NY is my home.


I choose to see the beauty in everything.


And be a weed among the cracked sidewalks of a bustling city.


Pura vida!


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