How to Survive Motion Sickness While Traveling in a Foreign Country

Not everything you see on my page or in my life is picture perfect. I struggle with what “success” means to me, and often feel like a failure.


But what often helps me, is reminding myself to take DEEP BREATHS. This is exactly the technique I used to survive motion sickness while traveling in a foreign country.


On our way up the winding, newly built roads from Cabuya up to Liberia, Costa Rica, I had a blast from the past.


Suddenly I was gripped with intense nausea, and remembered how carsick I used to get as a child.


Clutching my own child, who seemingly inherited the trait for motion sickness, I felt dollops of sweat dripping down my back.


Luckily, I was prepared with a bag, for my son to spit the meager contents of his empty stomach (we didn’t have breakfast yet).


He was soon fast asleep, as I was battling the grip of my own nausea.


Feeling trapped in the transport (we were on a tight schedule to catch our flight out!), suffocated by the heat of the tropics (and the van + my mask), and betrayed by my body’s “weakness,” afraid of being kicked out of the van if I get sick (how will I explain this is not COVID?!)…


I had no choice but to surrender.


And the surrender oddly gave me a feeling of peace and control.


Not of the situation, but of my RESPONSE to the situation.


I prayed for our safe travels, and that we would make it home safely.


I reminded myself to keep calm.


I took deep, calming breaths.


And I was present with the discomfort of each moment, knowing it would eventually pass.


I was relieved when we made a pit stop at a local café for breakfast.


(Though I was also worried about making it to the airport on time for our flight.)


I got a cup of boiled water and brewed some tea packets I had on me (chamomile, Earl Grey, and an Ayurvedic stomach blend – traveling essentials!) – to calm my stomach.


I also ate a little bit of leftover flan we grabbed with us.


I was terrified of regretting this decision to eat, and throwing it up later…but I took the chance in hopes of settling my stomach.


Back in the van, the rest of the ride was miraculously smooth – with better roads (less winding), a calmer stomach, and focusing on the breath.


Try it for yourself – take some deep calming breaths today when you feel out of it or overwhelmed, or anxious.


Let me know in the comments how that felt!

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