Let’s not go back to how it was before…

In honor of Earth Day, I wish to express my gratitude for our home and Mother of all beings. We are guests here, and not masters. The planets will continue to revolve without us, but we need clean air, green plants, and the multitude of species to exist in order for us to thrive.

Perhaps COVID is a catalyst for change. Change that is sorely needed for us to continue as a species. Let us awaken and have a renewed purpose and effort to continue on…but surely not like before.


Let’s not go back to how it was before…

Instead of hoarding, let’s share

Instead of being ignorant, let’s show care

Instead of wasting, let’s consume less

Instead of cleaning, let’s not make a mess

Instead of feeling scarcity, let’s be resourceful

Instead of auto-piloting, let’s be mindful

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