DIY Insect Repellent

Since the active ingredients are volatile, it’s imprtant to reapply every few hours for maximum effect.

Natural Liquid Dish Soap

Save the plastic waste and make your own liquid dish soap in a reusable container (I love it in a dark amber dispenser!)

All – Purpose Disinfectant

1 cup vinegar (any will work; white is preferred because it is cheaper and can be bought in bulk for extra savings!)

Oil Cleansing for Face

Oiling an acne infested skin may seem strange, but oils actually help support the skin’s own oil regulation.

Face Clearing Acne Mask

In a small jar (preferably glass, or BPA-free plastic), combin raw honey with the other ingredients. First mix powders in evenly, and finally add your choice of essential oil combination. For smaller quantity, use half of my measurements.

Coconut Skin Coat for Dogs

Topical treatment with coconut oil for dogs can be used to hydrate the coat, moisturize the skin and even help with conditions such as psoriasis or scabies!

Is Sunscreen Bad for You?

A lot of questions enter into our heads when it comes to sun protection. Let us explore these topics with the hope to gain clarity on the answers. After all what touches our skin, touches our life!