Sweet Sea Moss Gel Recipe

This sea moss recipe infuses a pleasant flavor to add to the gelled texture of this unique and nourishing powerhouse, delivering vitamins E, K, A, potassium chloride for immune support and skin health benefits..

Exploring Moss Diversity: Irish Moss, Sea Moss, and Icelandic Moss

Irish moss, sea moss, and Icelandic moss are touted in the natural product industry as beneficial and mineral rich plants that you can add to your health and beauty routine. But there’s a lot of confusion about the differences between them and which to choose for your specific wellness goals. In this blog, we’ll explore […]

Irish Moss Smoothie Recipe

Irish Moss (which is not actually a moss, and is often confused with Sea moss or Icelandic moss) is known for its collagen-promoting properties. Collagen is associated with healthy skin, joints, bones, and heart health.

Let’s Talk About…Elimination Habits….Baby!

Fermented Foods

Let’s talk about something that’s often on everyone’s minds, but no one wants to talk about: bowel movements. The process of eliminating bodily waste is an arduous digestive woe for many people. The prevalence of chronic constipation is 20% of the general population, increasing up to 50% in the elderly (>65 years) and  can occur […]

Fruit & Pepper Jelly

Pepper Jelly recipe

Have you ever made pepper jelly? It’s one of my signature dishes that my husband loves (and he’s quite picky when it comes to my more creative concoctions.

S06E15: Process-Oriented Healing through the Body via Movement and Touch w/ Cara Liguori

Cara Liguori

Today, I had the honor of speaking to Dr. Ifeyinwa Ezeudu, a scientist, pharmacist and medical doctor. Dr. Ezeudu started her journey in Nigeria as a scientist in the laboratory setting, before getting her pharmacy degree in the Philippines. She attended Southwestern University in Cebu, Philippines, as the best graduating student in the entire college […]

Prayerful Khichdi Recipe

Prayerful Khichdi Recipe

As you prepare this khichdi, keep the intention of love, healing, and well-being for the people you’re cooking for in your heart.

Jessica Orloski

I loved that the program was self-paced but I had the ability to ask questions any time. I like having the ability to revisit modules, especially the mindset ones. My wins include selling more herbal products at the pharmacy and regularly, resulting in thousands of dollars in increased profitability!

Sharliese Boateng

The amount of material presented was ample enough to ensure I am the best holistic practitioner. I absolutely loved the breakdown by systems and how to apply each herb appropriately. Also, getting to see case studies and other students MM’s were really helpful and insightful. Overall, the HHP course provides more than enough of what is needed to succeed!