How Men and Women Can Tackle Weight Loss

It’s true: the body you live in can determine metabolism and other key factors that affect weight loss. Studies of both genders show that even though they ate a diet of equal calories and exercised the same, men lose weight easier and quicker than women. The reason apparently goes to basic survival and the diverse biological needs of men and women. Simply put, men’s bodies have evolved to form muscle rapidly to support their role as hunters. On the other hand, women’s bodies have adapted to make fat reserves quickly, used to survive pregnancy and nursing. 

The fact that men and women lose weight differently also means that they need to prevent and tackle common health issues differently. For entrepreneurs and business owners, this can sometimes be a little more difficult to achieve. Read about my approach to do just that by reading the article below.


Make Sure You Exercise

Although women and men may lose weight differently, this doesn’t mean you should be discouraged if your male spouse or fitness partner progresses faster than you. Regardless of gender, make sure you stay physically active since it prevents numerous health conditions like heart disease, diabetes, chronic illnesses, depression, and more. While women may need only 30 minutes of physical activity a day, men are recommended to exercise for around 60 minutes each day for better results. 

Speaking of motivation, a study that looked into the fitness habits of 2,000 gym-goers determined that 69 percent were more prone to work out if they had comfortable activewear (a reliable and comfortable pair of leggings for example) to dress in. Other things that motivate people to stay physically active? Looking trendy in their workout gear, sharing their fitness plans with close people, and listening to music while exercising. You can also convert a room in your house into a personal gym, ranging from a few pieces of equipment to full-on workout-related renovations. As an added bonus, making changes could possibly improve the overall value of your home if you want to sell it.

Mind What You Eat

There are plenty of dietary theories advocating for health benefits and weight loss.

Men typically choose meat-based diets while women tend to focus on vegetables and fruit. That is why the Paleo and Atkins diets attract more men. These diets might also not work quite as well for women because men can consume more calories and still lose weight while women generally can’t. 

Irrelevant to gender, you should be careful with what you eat, as well as how you eat, since these will greatly contribute to overall health and well-being. It’s important to read about nutrition and seek advice so you are more attuned and educated about healthy eating.

If you’re diagnosed with a particular condition, adopting a new way of eating can also help deal with the issue. Overall, this may be an area where men and women can learn from each other most. Women can adopt healthy habits to build muscle, necessary to sustain metabolic weight and men can incorporate more vitamin and mineral content of fruit and vegetables – as these micronutrients are as important as getting protein and building muscle when dieting. 


Consider Psychological Factors

One of the key aspects that trigger weight gain and many other health issues is stress, or stored trauma. When we live in a continual state of stress or fear, our body’s innate protective mechanism activates the sympathetic system, and turns off our metabolism and other crucial functions that aid the body in releasing toxins and fat. Although stress manifests differently for men and women, both genders should do their best to get out of that survival state so their metabolism can start functioning properly again. 

Stress also contributes to the development of various health issues like heart conditions, chronic stress, headaches, upset stomach, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and more. Looking for ways to alleviate stress can do wonders. Try simple self-care routines such as getting out in the sun, taking a bath, or just reading an interesting book.


The Bottom Line

Understanding how differently women and men lose weight is one of the first steps in understanding that the journey varies for everyone. While there is nothing you can do about genetic programming, you can use all the knowledge available to your advantage when losing weight. 

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